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Portion of aviation accidents that occur at or near airports, the "terminal area".

Existing deconfliction technologies are least effective in this domain. Yet flying is the least automated in the terminal area.

VTI is on a mission to make aircraft terminal area operations safer and more efficient through the use of sensor perception technology. The same technology is a cornerstone of upcoming flight operations concepts. 

VTI's FlightStack technology adds situational awareness and redundancy where it is needed most.

Safety Upgrade

FlightStack works with existing sensors and cockpit display technology on a variety of civilian aircraft.

Image by Chris Leipelt
Image by Michael Payne

Expanded Access

In an increasingly uncertain world, FlightStack enables access to rough and austere landing strips for defense aircraft.

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VTI's FlightStack enhances safety and improves automation features for pilots across fixed wing aviation. Download our brochure.


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