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About Us

Our team blends aerospace and autonomous vehicle experience from Airbus, Aurora, Blackmore, Boeing, and more


Finding a common thread in a complex ecosystem

Our mission is to make the skies safer. Today this means better situational awareness tools for pilots. In the future, those same tools will support the safe introduction of higher level safety features. 

We recognize the complexity of the global aviation domain. This is amplified by a large number of new air frames, propulsion systems and use-cases set to be introduced over the next decade.  We see the need for well-engineered perception technology as a common thread that will benefit the whole ecosystem.

Becoming VTI



Our founders Stephen Crouch and Eric Muir began a long conversation about technology gaps in modern aviation and aerospace. 



VTI was founded in Bozeman, MT - a sensor and software technology hub. The team set to work building synthetic data generation software and exploring design concepts with this toolkit. 

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